Commons Knowledge vs. Copyright

After our last discussion and having a deep thinking in the subject I would like to explain my point of view. Commons Knowledge is something necessary for society. It is the way in which people have learned and moved forward through out history. Relying on the private sector and their word of providing us expert knowledge is not our best option.

Once again, we need to be aware of the goal of the vast majority of corporations: profits. Commons Knowledge does not have any interests problem, and this does definitely bring a positive aspect to their side. After some research and reading some peers’ opinions I would like to state that lots of the common knowledge out there has been posted by experts that are willing to share their vast knowledge for free. Moreover, this community tends to analyze the posted information to verify its reliability and make sure that people obtain the best and most precise information. It’s definitely true that Copyrights will have more accurate information and due to this matter this copyrights are very commonly broken.

The use of experts with profound knowledge in the subject makes Copyright information very attractive and due to new technologies, they are illegally copied. A small community of people believe that everything should be free and of common knowledge, which stimulates breaking the law to obtain copyright information as it tends to be better.

In conclusion, we shouldn’t be taking sides as both positions are needed to improve and move forward. Moreover, society should make an effort to not break the law or tougher measures should be taken by the government.



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