I’m Totally Not an Activist and What the Heck is Nihilism?

Just as the title says, I would not consider myself an activist. To me, activism is defined as vigorously trying to promote some change, rather it be social or political. Thus an activist is a person who continuously donates time to a certain cause, and participates in public protests or even creates fundraisers dedicated to a certain cause. An activist may even try to get their message across through social media outlets, such as Facebook and Twitter. Even though I may have, contributed to the spreading of these messages, I would not consider myself an activist. If anything, I have contributed to their activism, by sharing and reposting their messages on social media. I  believe that most people do this, on a number of social media websites. However, I think a large percentage of the people that contribute to others activism, only do it because they see others doing it as well, we can probably consider this “jumping on the bandwagon.” Most people would probably share the same post once, until they find another one that semi-interest them. This doesn’t sound like activism at all, because if you really are trying to promote some change, wouldn’t you try to share your ideas repeatedly?

Even in today’s social media dependent society, true activism is rarely seen anymore. People are much more comfortable sitting behind a computer screen and talk about a cause that they support, then physically going out and supporting it, take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for example. This idea didn’t really come to me until I read this article, check it out!

I also wanted to touch on Nihilism, but I’m not even sure where to begin. Can one really not believe in anything, or are they just believing in nothing? I definitely believe that some people think that life is meaningless, and it’s not unheard of people rejecting religious and moral principles, so what it a nihilist? Google told me that a nihilist believes that,”nothing in the world has a real existence.” So if they don’t believe in anything, do they even believe that they’re nihilist? I think I’m just confusing myself now..




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