Generation Now: Individuality and Nihilism

Every generation has their own individual “thing”. It is usually the result of a generation struggling with the form their world has assumed through the technological and ideological advancements of the previous generations, a rebellion of sorts to the parents who they view threw them into a world that the parents themselves never wanted. It is a strange view on the world, especially after listening to the On The Media podcast about the nihilism that is the part of every single person. An individual on their own struggles to find meaning in life, attempting to associate family, parents, or ambitions with the purpose that they are to fulfill, but often, especially in this generation of “postmodern” meta-reasoning of the social media, the individual finds himself unable to distinguish the differences between the self and the others. This causes a feeling of loss, lack of purpose and aim in life, as if there was nothing for an individual to live for that has not or is not being lived already. Studies show that the more we use Facebook, or other social media, the more our mood drops.  This causes many of us to start doing what we view as individualistic but others would consider selfish, in an attempt to prove to others that we are an individual. We want everything and we want it now, because we are not going to have a long time before others want it too, and we have to show that we are faster, better, trendier than every person in the world. A person not trying to be the “author” of their life, the first person to “copyright” a cool picture by posting it, first person to complete the ALS challenge, the first person to use a new hashtag, is in the opinion of many, wasting a lot of time, has “no life”. An unfortunate result of a generation with the potential to start analyzing itself in a matter that has never been done before: see what the author of his/her life stands for, their ideas, their works, who they really are and what they really are trying to say, and maybe attempt to be an author in a more world altering sense than they have been up to now. It is not the blockbuster that changes the views of humans, not “Davinci’s Code” that starts a new generational philosophy, but a piece of literature worth reading, adhering to a new, maybe radical world view where instead of pictures things and people are constructed out of ideas.

It is a strange development for a generation to be as selfish as it has become now, attempting to be the most fashionable one in existence. Maybe new developments will follow as some of us become more proficient at achieving the ideas of what we want to be, where a new philosophy will start driving the world. Until then, let us sit and post things on blogs and social media in hopes that more people will see, like and share them. You only live once, right?


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