Individualism vs selfishness

When thinking about selfishness our minds are automatically inclined to connect the subject attached as something or someone in a negative fashion. On the other other hand, someone who practices individualness we see through a different positive lens. Yet, when pondering on these two term how different are they really?
The fact of the matter is that the wrong question is being asked therefore the answer wrong. In other words, what really should be asked is what is individualness and selfishness? We all know what selfishness is. According to the dictionary, selfishness is defined as a devotion or care only for oneself, pretty self explanatory. The next question that come to mind is what are the components of selfishness? This is where I believe individualism comes in play. Individualness is the ability to be independent in every facet including socially, emotionally, physically, and mentally. Its the ability to stand on your own to feet without having to rely on any external aid. Now what happens when you take that individualness and you add an interest component to it? The end result is selfishness.
when breaking down the word individualness and etymologically analyzing it, you realize the the root word of individualness is “individual” (also known as the self). the self or individual can only be an individual if he is looking out for his/her self. In order to be indepedent from others you have to care predominately for yourself. Is that not the definition of selfishness? In reality, these two terms are not that different from one another. These two terms do not have any noticeable difference but one, Individualness has a positive connotatation while selfishness has a negative one.


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