In every positive there is a NEGATIVE

Mediated mobilization is using the media to mobilize social movements. In order to make views matter we have to mobilize. I agree that more communication creates a democracy. However, no matter how hard people try to fight for a cause or protest to contribute to change, there will always be people who have absolutely no idea or care for what they are fighting for. People participate in protests and events for a cause sometimes just to have a picture at the location and post it on social media. It is easy to participate just to be apart of the crowd. For example the ALS challenge. Many people participated in the ALS ice bucket challenge, from children, to adults, mothers and celebrity’s. According to the article that I linked above, in one weekend every celebrity participated in the ALS ice bucket challenge. This can be one reason that resulted in worldwide participation including people who have no idea what the challenge is really for. The ALS association is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to helping people with the disease and also helps find cures and treatments. The challenge is to pour an ice bucket over your head or donate money to the organization. In my opinion it has turned into people participating just to get video likes on Facebook. After the ALS challenge branched out and gained popularity, new challenges started to conquer social media such as, the “pretty face challenge” on Facebook. This just goes to show that some people will protest just to get noticed. It is unfortunate but true. In my opinion this is an example of negative mediated mobilization.


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