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I believe that Benjamin is saying that people develop chaos and disorganization when it ties to the relationship they have with information including him-self. Unpacking my library is a strong piece and from my understanding the message trying to be conveyed is that the organization of books can hold an important purpose. Information is developed and shared through the written word. Knowledge comes from books and it is what keeps people sane in a chaotic world. I think that Prof. Proctor assigned us material in first person to open our minds up to a new perspective and a different type of source that can potentially be useful. As I read these articles, I felt like I can relate to them on a more sincere level.

In our second reading Unpacking my record collection, I noticed that it is a response\reaction piece to Unpacking my library. In my opinion Dibbell made a creative piece. In his article he is suggesting that information is free and that most information is immaterial, like music. The difference between these two articles is the development and switch from old media to new media. Information travels whether it is coming from a book or the media. Often people fail to realize the potential in all forms of communication and sharing information. Although, the Internet has become very active in the world that we live in something’s aren’t explainable unless we open a book.


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