My Lib & Record Collection

In “My Library” the author was displaying this idea that the relationship between a book collector and his possessions are important. Walter uses the word, ‘magic’ as a way to describe the relationship between the two. Between the book and the collector, there are memories that relive the past.

In regards to “My Record Collection” it has the same meaning but through music and internet. The idea of ripping then compressing into transferring is something we all can relate to. And because of the internet (which changes everyday) there are so many ways to collect and keep music. In this sense organization is key. A collector does not want anything to be lost in translation. Because of the memories and emotions that the collector is sharing/feeling, he/she HAS to organize in order to access things quickly. Everything has to be categorized or in sections because of that.

In regards to THE SOCIAL READER, I enjoyed reading this section (not because it was short) but I connected to this idea of ALWAYS-online. The reading stated, it can be label as an addiction, its instant gratification, and its over-whelming. I believe this is true because its easy access, we are constantly getting information, and its so much going on that it can be stressful and crazy sometimes. Technology brings out new ideas, people and information which leads to easy access. I would have to say I am definitely a digital native, I am connected through a series of devices and social media channels because I simply want to know whats going on. The idea of not knowing certain things does not work for me. I am sure everyone in the class agrees with me..If not I would like to hear what people have to say because its such an interesting topic.


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