My Research topic (Internet Memes)

I want my research paper to be about Internet memes: what they are, what they stand for, and they relate to rolling p, and can be used for marketing reasons i.e. campaigning or advertising. At first I thought this paper would be really hard to get started on but I found that if I focus my energy and pick one or two specific memes and study their evolution than I cover all that I want to cover in 12 pages. I can honestly say that research is not that easy with my topic because there are north that many books or articles out there about internet memes, so I feel like the majority of my paper will be somewhat analytical. I also will use “The Alternative Activism and New Media p” book for a great base of research. A great approach at writing this paper would be to use categories or sub categories and also implement images to support my claims. The only I don’t like about using images is the fact it makes the paper much longer. For my research so I’ve used the library data basses and they have been much help to my research so far, I’m just having lots of trouble finding primary sources .If anyone from class has any feedback for me or advise it is greatly appreciated.


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