The Circle

I’ve been enjoying “The Circle,” but I can’t help but have a few lingering questions. The first question I have is Mae the only “newbie” to have such ongoing problems working in The Circle? It seems that when she screws up, she is noted as the only “newbie” to mess up. I find it strange that she hasn’t meet anyone yet who has been experiencing that same issues that she is. However, I do appreciate Eggers characterization of Mae. I don’t think of her to be that special of a person, so it’ll be interesting to see how her character will play out through the rest of the story.

Moving on, I can’t help but think that The Circle is a creepy place to work for. Yeah, it may be cool receive all of these cool perks, and be working with such intricate forms of technology, but is it really worth giving up your right to privacy? Apparently Mae thinks so by the end of the first book, but has there ever been anyone else to stand up and say no?

I also can’t help but feel that Annie is nothing but trouble. Something just doesn’t seem right with her. I feel like she is the embodiment of a young person who has successfully made their way to the top, she may be cocky and condescending at times. I think the essence of her true character showed after Mae’s visit with Alistair, where Annie continuously bad mouthed him. Yes, gossip happens amongst friends, but Annie’s paranoia to Mae not answering her messages right away was a bit odd. She literally was so quick to assume that Mae had “told on her,” and was willing to give up their friendship over something that seemed so harmless, and it all happened in the span of twenty minutes. I don’t know, if she really cared about Mae, why did she react in such a harsh way? I definitely don’t trust her.


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