The Circle.

Towards the end of the novel, I felt really bad for Annie. I know Valeria stated in class that she did not trust her and I wanted to know why so I focused on Annie a lot towards the end and I actually felt really bad for her. She seemed lost at the end when she found out about her family’s past and her parents living the lifestyle they did. I understood her anger when her parents didn’t help the old man in the water that was drowning. For Annie, I felt like she put her parents on this scale where they wouldn’t do anything harming to anyone and she was ultimately let down. Although did not kill the old man themselves, the fact that did not help him is scary. Annie felt disgusted with their actions of just leaving him to die and to find out he wasn’t homeless but had a mental problem, Annie wished her parent would of done more to save him.

I also think her parents are weird because of the photos Annie discovered. I think they are “sick” (Annie statement page 441) as well because of the adultery they were both doing. The open marriage does not sit well with me because 1. Its gross 2. Its wrong and 3. Marriage is between two people NOT multiple individuals.

“But there are photos and video of them with all kinds of other people. I mean, like, serial adultery on both sides. Is that fine” (Annie441). I think Annie has a right to be mad. I mean, If I was her, I would BUGG out! I wouldn’t be able to stay calm. I think she reacted fairly and kept her composure and showed a sense of concern with her parents. This idea of going transparent has definitely affected her in a negative way and shows her that maybe some things should be left unknown.


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