The Circle Technology / Digital Media Culture

Throughout The Circle, several different technologies are introduced to us. However, all of these technologies have one similar concept: transparency. Every new invention brought to light within The Circle has the purpose of exposing, and revealing more information about one another. The technologies in the novel are created to unite one another, and to make all aspects of life visible. Whether the powerful tech company was discussing TruYou, or SeeChange, or any information-revealing technology which was meant to “unify” society, one consistently was left with an eerie feeling.

Since beginning the novel, I, and several others, have equated The Circle to an infused version of Facebook and Google. The new Facebook messenger app has been an alarming feature since day one. Several news sources and media outlets have advised their viewers to consider removing the app for privacy-specific reasons. However, social media sites in general have a common goal which is to inform, and unite their followers. In The Circle, they constantly state in different ways that the more information revealed, and transparency the better. I feel as if social media is moving in that direction.

Drones are another new technology which reveal visual information. There are several laws now about where drones can be flown, and the capabilities of these drones, etc. I think drones are the breaking point of true privacy, since they basically act as a spy machine. One could make the argument of the resourcefulness of drones, however, there are a plentiful amount of cons as well.

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