The Circle

From looking at another post I noticed they were unhappy that The Circl had no ending, but isn’t that the point of a circle, it is never ending. Maybe Dave Eggers had that in mind when he thought of the title of the book and the way in which he wrote it.

I think this book shows through its characters that if we do not adapt to technology we will be left behind. This was shown with Mercers characters, in a more drastic way than needed, story leading up to his death. The way our society is shifting, we are desensitized to certain events so the drastic death of Mercer was seen as the only way to get through to readers when conparing the use of technology and the lack of it. If Mercer hadn’t died, if he would have just grown old alone without a rise in his business or an online dating profile we as readers wouldn’t be impacted as fully.

I also agree with the fact that the founder of the Circle always thinks it’s a great idea at first but then soon realizes otherwise and it is then too late. We as a society want everything new, the latest versions of everything. If we can have brand new and technology that will make us better than everyone else we are going to take it. We won’t listen to people of authority because we want it now and don’t care about how it will change us in the future. We are a greedy society and the Circle shows that in a drastic measure because that is one of the only ways people will understand, and even then they still choose to ignore it.


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