Venus Gone Viral

For my research paper I chose to explore the wonderful world of internet memes, and I gathered information on the positive side of Internet Memes (the Funny) and the negative side of internet memes (the trolling) and I was really able to dissect this topic enough to focus it into my Semester Project. For my Semester Project I wanted to really capture the true essence of internet memes, and how they could benefit and or hurt the career of a celebrity. For the celebrity part of my project I used my drag Persona Venus Soliel.  I wanted to shy away from using anything that was theoretical because I wanted the project to be more of a fun experience rather than something more on the technical side. I spent a lot of time doing a lot of research when working on my research paper and I was able to piece together more than just a satirical look on Internet Memes but more of information on a deeper level.

The process of making this film was surprisingly very fun, because my good friend Bryan Torres is an amazing director and he was able to help make the process a lot less painless. I would have to say the hardest part of this project was the editing process. the editing  process took almost a full week to complete, but I am so happy that Bryan and I spent as much time on the editing as we did to get a Piece of work like this. During the filming and editing process my ideas went through an evolution because I had so many different ideas popping into my head which made the project turn into something completely different than I had originally had in mind. But I am super happy that I took my new thoughts into consideration, because I had an amazing time working on this project.

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