FInal Project: Music, an alternative form of music.

I decided to write my semester project on music and its relation to media. I make the argument within my paper that music is an alternative form of media the serves the same functions as any other traditional channel of media does. some of the points I made had to do with the modes and effectiveness of communicating information to the audiences. Both are very effective in doing so yet they deliver the messages in a different fashion. Traditional forms of media give a direct dosage of what you need to know. it is up to the consumer to decide to digest the information or to ignore it. Music takes a different approach. With music, information is attached with emotion and feeling, it targets and stimulates our senses making the communication factor very effective.

Therefore I have decided to try an experiment with the class and play two tracks, both of which retain the same message, yet are produced in a different language and in a different time frame. The first song I will play is by Ali Primera “Los Techos de carton.” This song is a political songs that speaks about the oppressive nature of the Venezuelan government but later used by guerilla militia to not only identify themselves by but also to showcase the horrors of war and the effect it has on the people. The voices the lives of those who suffer from poverty, government oppression and war. The following song will be Grand Master Flash’s, “The Message.” This song is very direct and straight forward with what the message is as opposed to to the other one. The song talks about the hardships that many people have to face in the ghettos of America. Hopefully by the end of this expirement, the class will be able to make the association between both messages and come to the conclusion that music like media is alternative communicative vehicle. 

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