Let them sing! -Posting cover songs on YouTube

After our class discussion on Monday I began to think more about posting creative content on places such as YouTube. As I mentioned I was curious if cover songs could be taken down for copyright infringement. I began to look more into the topic and found some interesting ideas. According to “Criminal Creativity: Untangling Cover Song Licensing on YouTube” an article written on Wired.com by Andy Baio: all cover songs besides a very few amount are considered illegal whether they are collecting any monetary value or not. He believes most are not collecting money and are purely doing it out of love for the song and to express themselves. To post a cover song one needs to possess a synchronization license which are expensive and tricky to obtain so most people do not bother to use them. This article discusses the only way to know if you are breaking the law or not is to post the video and lose your account if the video gets taken down. YouTube uses a technology named Creative ID to identify music and flag it as illegal, though it is not 100% accurate it finds many songs. YouTube has even taken videos down with a song playing in the background that has nothing to do with the actual video content being presented.

After finding this information I really began to think that the laws must change. If the creator of the cover song is making no money, but is producing the videos to express their love for the song and to have their voice heard, the video should be allowed to stay. Justin Bieber who started out as a YouTube star covered songs on YouTube which allowed him to be found and noticed by the public. I believe the current set of laws that are trying to take down these cover songs are not effective and should be retracted. People are still posting cover songs and YouTube is still trying to fight them off.

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