No Day Like The Present

Every kid in every generation always gets sick of the “back in my day” bit by their parents or grandparents. Well in terms of technology, back in the day seems like ancient history. In less than a century, hell, less than a half a century, the world underwent a technology revolution when the internet was brought to the world. The internet is an endless supplier of information that squashes the days of an information famine. Facts were never so immediate than they are today, because the average 1972 teenager could not get on a twitter page and check their feed.It was all about print and broadcast media then.

With all this information, society just cannot keep up, and it is beginning to open the argument of if the internet has made people “stupider” or “dumber”. I also use my brother as my case study. We are six years apart, and the difference in learning is massive. The Dewey Decimal System means nothing to him,using books for research is never a thought on his mind, and picking up a dictionary is foreign in a era where the answer to all life’s questions are on Google.

But just because he does not know this does not make him any less smart than the average 14 year old. While the internet has been the blame for stupefying the generation, one could also argue that it has become a progressive tool for higher education. There are technology tools that can be used for learning in a new way than ever before, and has had positive results.

I believe just because today we do it faster, doesn’t mean it makes us any less stupid or smart than without the internet outlet. I do believe that all children should be taught the old way, just to be savvy in all areas of learning. It is always great to have skills on both ends.

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