A problem that mankind has faced over the years is originality in ones work. It seems that these days theirs always someone who copied from someone else showing lazy and non-creative efforts in people. In most cases these kinds of actions would appear negative to the public eye but how easy is it to really be original when creating something these days? True their are people out there that straight up take ideas made by someone else and claim it to be their own ORIGINAL work but sometimes it’s just great minds thinking a like. Ideas need to come from somewhere of inspiration and with the way things get labeled these days couldn’t that be a form of coping? If we took a look at music, you can find a lot of similarities between songs either in beat or rhythm or instrumental rifts of similarities. I listen to a lot of music from the 70’s through 90’s and if you take those songs and compared them to songs coming out now, you would be able to match up a lot of songs from the past with the future. Now is that coping from older band or is it paying tribute or even originality even though parts came from someone else. The sad truth is their is only a limited amount of combinations of notes that musician can use and even though theres enough for everyone to play around with, sooner or later one song will match up with another. Now I’m not trying to defend people who takes ideas and then throws their name on to claim it as there’s, but that all original ideas had to come from somewhere. It’s like this middle ground where it’s hard to tell whats copied and whats considered original.

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