Hello, my name is Andrew, and I used to be troll

I’ve been clean from trolling for a long time, I hope. Sometimes I look at my posts on Facebook, Twitter, and whatever else, and I question whether what I am saying can be misinterpreted as just being “trollish”. However, I guess the first question would be what be trollish really means. Some would mean commenting on something to create hostility, or as a way to make everything in the discussion seem meaningless.

However, I feel like I have figured out what trolling is. I found out by looking at old facebook and youtube comments that I posted “for the luls/lols” to see if there was a pattern. Mostly, I found that while there were some people who objected to this trolling behavior, most didn’t even care. I feel that to troll means something different from person to person, so an actual definition may be impossible. But I think that to troll is to fill a conversation with useless waste or hot air just to disrupt the others involved.

Yes, I used to troll. However, I’d be foolish to believe that I am the only one who has had this realization these days. I suspect that most currently well adjusted and respectful people in my age group who lived with the internet at an early age used trolling tactics in the past. We may have been guilty of it in the past, but as we grow up, we learn (hopefully) that trolling is not the only way to communicate in the web. However, I wouldn’t trade those days of trolling because it helped get me to where I am today.

So be proud that you were able to discover your past ways as a troll, because accepting the issue is the first step to becoming a more well rounded citizen of the Internet.

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