Is Social Media Saving Venezuela from Communism?

The Internet is in a way the savior for subcultures as it offers unbiased information and it helps people with a same goal get together creating social movements for a change. This is the reason why communist societies ban the use of social media, as people can get a pick of the outside world. These governments are afraid of the power of the media because it can bring people together to fight for a cause. I argue that the media is more powerful than the government because they can reach and influence masses very quickly. The Internet has allowed minorities to be heard and fight not only the Big Five corporations in mass media, but also the government.

A great example of this is the rebellion in Venezuela. Media in the country such as newspapers, radio and television channels are all censored or only present part of the information since the government owns most of them, and private stations are afraid to broadcast information against the government. Venezuela’s ex-president, Chavez blamed criticism on the media for a revolution attempt against him, and had laws passed regulating what the media can say and cover. In this case, it is easy to see why social media has emerged as a more trusted source for news, even if it can be rife with misinformation.

In order to get international awareness, citizens posted things online trying to show what was happening in the country. Although some argue that social media incited violent protests to push for the overthrow of the socialist government, and caused unrest in Venezuela, I believe social media allowed people to fight and let the world know the truth.

Thousands of people were striking in the streets trying to overthrow the government. Many say this wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t because of social media. Also social media allowed mediated mobilization supporting the creation of social movements. This strikes got so much attention that they were able to reach such high awareness that people started to acknowledge what has been going on in the country for the past 10 years.

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