I Took over $4,000 from 250 Random Strangers Online

Before you start reading, no I didn’t hack into their bank accounts and take money……………250 random people helped pay my way to London by donating to MY Cause. Absolute complete strangers paid my way across the pond. Strange right? They read my story online and on their phones and even on social media and they decided it was good enough for them and they gave me money. $25 here, $5 there, a whopping $250 bucks every so often, and this happen for 5 months. I took over $4,000 from 250 strangers online.

I find it weird to think of myself as a cause. Like I’m the revolution, the movement. When in reality I just want to travel and go to clubs all over Europe. Sorry for the honesty, but it’s true, and that’s exactly what I did. I traveled the world, and definitely FULLY enjoyed myself in each location. But don’t forget somehow people think that I’m a movement, a cause, something to donate to.

Crowdfunding is the newest form of media mobilization. Instead of a potluck dinner like back in the day, where you met who you were funding for, now you just read their stories online and call it good enough. Sending money for multiple causes, does that make you an activist? Say every year you donate $30,000 in crowdfunding, can you call yourself an activist, or charitable? Is it easier to pull out your phone and donate money than to send a check with a letter of appreciation, or to meet the person at a potluck dinner? We are in time where time literally is an issue, sometimes the quick form of activist and charitable titles can be attained by just clicking send on Bank of America or donate on GoFundMe. It pulls us further and further from the cause but yet we still call ourselves activists and charitable, but are we really?

My time abroad was amazing and it truly changed me, but am I really a cause, or revolution, or something worthy to be donated to? Did I sugar coat the truth enough? Or too much?



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