Why the Revolution Will NOT be Tweeted Reaction

I decided to read “Why the Revolution Will Not be Tweeted” by Malcolm Gladwell for this weeks post. I found this reading extremely interesting and found myself both agreeing and disagreeing with some of the opinion presented. I believe that social media helps to spread information and bring awareness to many different topics and concerns. People are able to voice their opinions and ask people to help support a cause. We are able to ask others to help us in a way that we were not able to before. The article also talks about how great revolutions and movements have had a central leader to assign roles and responsibilities. Facebook groups and hashtags on twitter, though helpful on spreading the word, often do not have a leader who will take charge.

“By not asking too much of them. That’s the only way you can get someone you don’t really know to do something on your behalf…It doesn’t require that you confront socially entrenched norms and practices. In fact, it’s the kind of commitment that will bring only social acknowledgement and praise.” This quote perfectly embodies what happens on social media. People easily retweet, donate money, and repost to try to help out.

Big changes such as the Greensboro sit in that was spoken about in the article will not happen with millions of people sitting behind their computers or iPhone screens. People are willing to do a quick thing to help someone in need, but people are not willing to put their reputations on the line. I believe people put their beliefs after things like their reputation or their job. People will not protest if they are told they will lose their job or be seen in a negative light from that point on.



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