Black Mirror (Ep.1) Resembles Dread of Modern Technology


Episode one of Black Mirror, explores how an individual can survive in our digital era. In the episode, Princess Susannah, England’s favorite royal and adored sweetheart is kidnapped and the kidnapper has requested for Prime Minister, Michael Callow to have sex with a pig in order to set the Princess free. The kidnapper in his video to the Prime Minister listed the demands that he wanted the Prime Minister to follow and that the video of him having sex with a PIG would be televised across Britain.

The episode takes a satirical approach at the power of media and the nation’s fascination to watch the disturbing and shocking act. The ransom video was put on YouTube by the kidnapper and eight minutes later it was taken down, but during that time the video was shared by many and spread across all social media platforms. Social media users on Twitter were expressing their opinions and placing their bets on whether the Prime Minister would go through with the ransom demands to save the Princess. Black mirror does a phenomenal job at showing the dangers of the digital world. The Internet provides positive things, because it allows individuals to communicate instantly and connects everyone across the world. Yet, in Black Mirror we see how the nation gives into the unspeakable ransom demands of the kidnapper and the pressure that is placed upon the Prime Minister to go through with the horrifying, yet brave action.

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