Cancer is Only Cute When You’re Young

Cancer is chronic. Once you have cancer, it has and will always be a part of your life, whether you have had it removed or not. The fear of catching it again or not getting rid of it will always float in one’s mind once they have had cancer once. The physical and emotional effects of the illness are sometimes devastating.

But, they make one hell of a story.

I listened to On the Media this week, and the topic was on Cancer and the media. The media is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) influencer in the world, and they hold that responsibility for mankind. In the case of cancer, it is not entirely the media’s fault that certain cancers are “supported” more than others. The example given in On The Media was bladder cancer. It is the 6th most common cancer, but it isn’t even spoken about and not many people including myself even knew this. But here’s something else I’ve also noticed about cancer–it’s only really highlighted if you’re a kid. Granted, it’s tragic to have a childhood like that, but they are the ones that make the good stories.

Don’t believe me? How about some movie titles:

The Fault in Our Stars

A Walk to Remember

My Sister’s Keeper

and even 50/50

All movies with young adults with cancer. 3/4 movies has a happy ending, but even in that 4th movie, once he survived, it was over.

“Beating” Cancer is like winning the Superbowl; that explosion of overwhelming love and the next day the parades start. But once the parade ends, media cuts off. Love cuts off. Support cuts off. And perhaps that’s just life, but unlike in football there’s no Spring Training.

David Grover was shouted out with love, gifts, and fame. However, it was short lived. The support became yesterday’s news, and Grover was not the same little boy he was before surgery, He lived and that’s all the news cared about. They wanted a survival story and they got one. But once he lived, the story ended.

The media and diseases are certainly a topic up in the air for discussion. 050215_frank_hmed_730a.grid-6x2


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