I rejected my mom’s friend request

First, I decided to write my paper about adults aged 50 and plus and the use of Facebook and Twitter but I thought it was a super limited topic. Then and after hearing all the feedback from all the people in the class, i decided that I will focus on adults aged 40 and plus and the use of different social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and romantic platforms. So far I found a decent amount of information, for example the two main reason because adult people use social media are: mood management and social action. Mood management is related with adults who use it for mere entertainment and emotional connectivity with friends and relatives. The second one, social action is related with expressing opinions, looking for news, and establishing relationships.

According to an scholarly article, there are many reasons why adults use social media in spite of the obstacles that they can find in the way to achieve it. Feeling lonely is one of the other main reasons why adults use it, especially adults aged 60 because the connection with other people through a screen. The chat and video call are important tools for adult people to feel close to others and don’t feel isolated. Retirement is the other main reason why adult people  use social platforms since they feel they have nothing important to do, like a job that takes most of their time so they tend do feel useless. Many adults have created blogs as a way to express their opinions about social issues and things happening close and around them.

Adult people, especially those aged 50 and plus found a lot of barriers before managing to use a social media account. One of the main barrier is frustration, physical and mental disabilities, for people aged 60 and plus, become obstacles. Many adult people find difficult to understand certain things since their comprehending system works slower than before. Another important barrier is timing, a huge difference between adult people and teenagers is that the first one are conscious that social media could be addictive so they consider that if they use it for a long time, they are wasting time. Moreover, they are scared to lose face to face interactions since it is their most valuable method to interact with other people.

There are a lot of benefits they enjoy such as connectedness, satisfaction, utility, and positive and learning experiences. The first benefits is the most important one to keep relationships with old friends and family. Satisfaction reminds them they are been useful and shows them they are able to do challenging things for their age.


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