My Personal Collection

When reading the two selections Unpacking My Library and Unpacking My Record Collection I understand both standing points of Walter Benjamin and Julian Dibbell when dealing with a hard copy of something over a virtual one. Both having their pros and cons which makes the decision of which one is better more personal then factual of what’s better. For me personally I would lean more Benjamin side saying a hard copy beats electronic copy any day but like I said the answer depends on whom you ask. My correlation is with my video game, which I have been building up since I could remember; around the time of the end of Super Nintendo and start Nintendo 64.

Almost all my games are disks (with the exception of a handful of games I have) and their own respective cases for each one and to me that is a wonderful sight to see. Just like any person with a bookshelf, when I look at the amount of games I have (and have finished) I find great pride in myself with the proof would be the games themselves. The box art for the cases are always nice to view and seeing them all stacked up allows me to display my conquering’s for all to see. Of course I have some that haven’t been beaten yet or even touched but for the most part I have seen the ending to most of my games. The only down side to all this is moving them from one place to another which happens more then you think because I’m in college now and flipping back and forth from home and dorm puts a strain on transportation. I would need three different backpacks just to carry most of my stuff just video game related.

So though I get this feeling of accomplishment from viewing all my disks and their cases, it’s also challenging to make them convenient when traveling with them. Hand held games were made for gaming on the go but if I wanted to specifically play something off one of my consoles I would need to take the whole console plus wires, controllers, and game/s that I would want to bring. As people we feel rewarded in our efforts when we can physically see the accomplishment (either listen to a whole album, finish a book or game) but loose the luxury of having all of them downloaded into one device making moving a lot easier. To make the trip less painful I bought a CD case and have all my disks in there in one case, all 75 of them.

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