“The Life of a Hoarder through UNPACKING…”


Over the years I have become a full on hoarder of things. The crazy part is that I don’t just focus on one thing. I become emotionally attached to things based on the memories they bring me. Yes, it is true that memories never really fade away even when the items change from time to time. Come to think of it, I think that might be the main reason as to why I tend to keep everything. I know that things will evolve and that I will change with time, so I want to treasure CD albums, movie tickets, game tickets, concert tickets, cards, photos and other souvenirs for as long as I can.

I remember the first CD that I had ever purchased, it was one of the NOW cd’s. It was the one with Toxic by Britney Spears, oh how I loved that album. I went home extremely elated that it was mine. I could hold it in my hands, and I couldn’t wait to play it when I got home. It was that intimate moment where I had full possession of it. It isn’t the same today. I can just download it from iTunes and pick and choose what song I want. The collection of songs has gotten so long that I feel like I only get to listen to the ones that are “prevalent.” It is no longer intimate.

The same goes with tickets. Till this day I prefer to have mine printed by Ticketmaster becomes to me it makes it more concrete. As silly as it may seem, for me it validates that it was meant for me. When I print them off of the computer I feel like I could print the same ticket twice and it would instantly lose value. I do this especially with baseball tickets. When I went to Mariano Rivera’s last game, Derek Jeter Day, and Derek Jeter’s last game at Yankee stadium I made sure that I had them printed. They would serve as memorabilia for me. I want to be able to frame them so that I can be able to show my children and their children what tickets “used” to look like. I have to say though, I am glad that Yankee Stadium doesn’t offer e-tickets like Citi Field does. I feel like it would lose the value and I would lose excitement. It can also be tied in with the newspaper. I like to collect certain sports stories that have an impact. I like to be able to touch things so it makes it more real. There is something special about that.

As for photos I am also a hoarder. I’ll take a million pictures and never want to delete them. It hurts me whenever I have to delete certain pictures on my phone to make room for more. Back in the day, we just needed to buy a new film to take more. We would get prints and showcase them in photo albums. There was even a time when I took up scrapbooking. It was a much simpler time. Now I have to worry about making sure that I back my phone up so nothing gets deleted. The pictures become real once I have it in my hands, so if I really end up loving a picture, I make sure that I print it out.

I have boxes and boxes of memories. Every year around my birthday I take the time to look at them, and then I reminisce on the memories that I have had. If everything completely goes into the digital world, I won’t be able to hold the memories as well as I do now. I get very nostalgic thinking about how things have changes. Certainly there have been great changes along the way, but not everything needs to be changed.


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