Parentech (Semester Project by Nury and Chi)

Hey guys,

Since I and Nury are both interested in the use of Internet, especially social media among parents (our parents’ generation and above), we have decided to work on a project called Parentech (this word comes from parents plus technology). More clearly, we have recently created a blog on WordPress on which Nury have studied young students’ reactions towards their parents’ uses of social media by collecting posts from these young adults on their social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, or different kinds of blogs or interviewing them. By doing so, we have tried to answer these questions: Do they approve or reject this idea? What have they done to show their feelings toward this idea? For example, have they rejected friend request from their parents? Has social media made communication between them and their parents become better or worse? Why? These answers are now up on our blog!

On the other hand, we are also interested in the reasons behind parents’ use of social media and Internet in general. Therefore, I have conducted some quick surveys with parents who are using the Internet and social platforms, asking them some specific questions such as: What were their first thoughts about the Internet and social media sites that their children were using? What made them decide to become a member of the global digital world? What are some changes that the Internet and social media have brought to their daily life? Additionally, I have collected some interesting posts by my parents or family relatives. We believe that it would be fun to look at their use of language and the topics that they care about.

Let’s check our blog and help us improve it more. We really hope that our blog will lead to further exciting discussions in class!

See you guys tomorrow!


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