10 Signs You’re Addicted To Social Media

When I first started thinking about my semester project, I had originally thought about filming a mini reality TV show or an intervention all about social media addicts. As I sat down to write the storyline down it was difficult to condense everything without making it too redundant. I had been watching YouTube videos to get and then I came up with the idea of making a list of signs that indicate that you’re addicted to social media. I immediately contacted my best friend Diego to help me because he is very flamboyant, and his personality was perfect for the role.

To his surprise, the role very much related to his real life experience with social media. He constantly uses it and while his content usage isn’t at the extent that the video portrays it to be, it isn’t far off. So in reality this helped him realize how silly it can be, and in a way it helped serve as an intervention for him. There were aspects of the video that seemed to be overly dramatic but I made sure to keep it in the video because it made me think about how we tend to accept things as they come. So while it may have looked foolish, a couple years from now that could very well be our reality.

In addition to the thoughts that went into each scene, it was also important to note how the video was created. At first I wanted to use a professional camera to capture each scene, and then I decided to film it using an iPhone. The idea came about after I had made a trip to the Brooklyn Bridge and I had seen everyone using their phones to take pictures and videos. I realized then that the cameras on iPhones are just as good as some of the digital cameras on the market. It would tie everything together. After all, social media does allow you to be the star of your own reality show. To top it all off, I used a selfie stick as a tripod to help make sure that the scenes didn’t come out shaky. I truly enjoyed making this video, and I hope that everyone else enjoys watching it!


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