My Final Project

For my project, I wanted to provide a microcosm of what the IWC, or Internet Wrestling Community, looks like. In this case, however, I am showing this in audio. I gathered a group of my friends to play the roles of four members of the “Solomonster Sounds Off” wrestling podcast discussion facebook page. The beginning of the story goes back to May 2 when I posted a video of WWE wrestler Ryback, where he talks about his life and wrestling journey. I originally posted it with a caption showing my respect to the wrestler, for his journey was not easy.

The resulting discussion, as evident in the video, comes as a result from, and frequently references an interview with former WWE performer CM Punk, who had some not so kind words for “The Big Guy”, as he is referred to as. The discussion also references another interview in which Punk says that wrestling is fake, something that is common knowledge, but is still not an alright thing to say. This interview caused a lot of fans to turn their backs on Punk and start to cheer Ryback more and more. Today Ryback is a highly liked wrestler by all fans for his demeanor and his in ring ability.

The point to this whole experiment was to show first hand the frequent in fighting seen frequently by the WWE fans. I hope to show that any posting on a blog, forum, or facebook page can spur on honest debate. The other reason is because it would be entertaining to see some nonfans try to articulate what the fans were saying in this discussion.

Unfortunately, at this time, I cannot post my video anywhere but on my facebook page, that is where I will open the video from!

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