The Final Sha-Bang

I can’t believe the semester has come to an end! I really enjoyed doing this project on FOMO. Learning about FOMO was a new phenomenon for me and having self-diagnosed myself with having FOMO, I figured it would be something great to look into. A lot of the responses I received in the interviews were very true to how I thought, which was interesting thing to see.

I decided to do the challenge myself and see what was up with FOMO and me. I feel my FOMO level is medium-high so I knew this was a challenge was going to be difficult. I cheated- I opened Instagram by accident and stared at it a few seconds too long. I learned nothing I already didn’t figure out about me (but I also created this challenge so….) and I’m glad I have my social media back! I agree with Andrew that when you’re on vacation or just away, it’s easier to be away from the phone. In a daily routine, this is very difficult. This is just an observation, just based off of our rough draft it also seems that girls rely on social media a bit more than boys.

None of this information is proven true, but it was everything I collected from Manhattanville Students. It created an interesting data. I loved doing this experiment despite its difficulty. I hope to someday to have more people to try it with me and try to make this challenge longer. I would also love to compare results between the summer and the winter.

Here is my entire project:

All About That FOMO

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