iMM Quiet

For my semester project I created a website for a company that works to protect people from big corporations that are taking private information for advertisement purposes. As this is a current issue that not a lot of people are aware of, I decided to create a company that will protect peoples’ information posted on social media, as well as information that usually leaks online. Although the FTC is making some changes for companies to have disclaimers about the use of users’ data. However, the fact that we are becoming a society where people depend on the online world, this is something that is inevitable that has to be taken care of.

The company is called iMM Quiet and it targets companies that want to maintain information private, celebrities, and regular people that are constantly connected to technological devices. The website is a platform where people can learn about the importance of the information that is posted online constantly and the implications of giving information in exchange of a “free” service.

The “Strategy & Experience” page shows the process of getting the right plan for you and the service you’ll get for the ultimate online experience. It includes a quote, an explanation, and pictures showing how simple it is.

The “Content & Protection” page has an explanation of the value of information and tips for people to protect their data. This is completely free, so that people can have the knowledge about this issue and keep the things they don’t want to be public for themselves.

The “Testimonies” page shows different stories where companies crossed the line trying to target their costumers. It includes Target’s baby drama, Facebook’s creepiness, and Google’s search for information.

Lastly, the “About” page includes the companies employees, Including me and my sister, Pharrell, and Jennifer Going. There is a description of why each of these people are perfect for the job, their experience, and, the value they give to the customers. In addition, it has a comments section, the company’s contact information, and the location in a map.

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