A Company Daring Enough to Give its Super Bowl Slot to the General Public

Although I hate to admit it I am one of those girls who knows nothing about football but gets super stoked when the commercials hit. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love Super Bowl commercials? With 30-second slots costing over $4 million, and over 100 million people tuned in, companies try to go the extra yard (pun intended) to grab consumers attention, making commercial breaks during the Super Bowl just that much more entertaining.

If there is one company we can agree on who has had a lasting impression on us it has got to be Doritos. Year in, and year out, Doritos seems to continuously stand out in the conglomerate of ads, but did you know that for 10 years now these ads have been created by people just like you and I? In my search to learn more about crowdsourcing and its benefits I stumbled upon the Doritos “Crash The Super Bowl” competition which gives anyone the chance to submit a 30-second home made ad which will be aired on game day. In this year’s final edition of the competition the winner will go home with $1 million dollars and the opportunity to work with along side Warner Brother and DC Comics director Zack Snyder.

As someone who is interested in communications and marketing this story immediately caught my attention for Doritos’ bold move in letting their consumers fill a $4 million Super Bowl Slot. Not only does crowdsourcing stimulate consumer engagement in this instance, but it also creates tremendous brand awareness, a win-win for the brand. With over 4,000 submissions, three finalist now await for their chance to win.


Join the fun and cast your vote for this year’s winning ad! (Polls open until January 31)

– Yanilis Checo



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