Are we able to trust the Media ? There are so many hoaxes out there in the media that we are not aware of. In this day and age it is hard to separate the truth from the people and objects that are placed in media to persuade us. The first major known hoax was in 2006, of lonelygirl15, video blogger on YouTube. She was a scripted actress that video blogged about her life and events, but after 3 months the press found out about this hoax and outted the young company. When people/fan base found out the trust for media decreased because this was a girl the world loved and felt on a personal level with. To find out that it was a hoax shocked everyone. The goal of the company was to break into the entertainment world and it succeeded for a while, with her having one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube. After the events of lonelygirl15 It is known for people/businesses to take hidden persuaders and make them appear to be authentic or the real deal when in all actuality it turns out to be part of a viral marketing campaign, a public relations strategy, or other organized efforts. Companies use hidden persuades/hoaxes frequently to build brand awareness/equity for their business. Other people create hoaxes to become viral and become famous for it, it’s all about the love of being known and making money. So is the media trustworthy ? Hmm, I am sure that anyone would agree that it’s not.

Sarah Kelley


2 thoughts on “Trust

  1. Sarah,

    For the most part I do believe that the media is trustworthy. However, one thing to note is that media organizations in same way or form are seeking some type of gain, whether that be money or a certain number of views. That being said, I think some media members and organizations are more willing than others to bend the truth to a degree. There definitely are organizations committed to putting out the truth, but I can’t say for sure we as consumers are ever receiving information that hasn’t been assembled in a way that it isn’t pushing an agenda.

  2. Sarah,

    You bring up an interesting point regarding the trustworthiness of YouTube and other online based subscriptions. As a viewer we initially jump to want to trust and connect to the personal aspects of each YouTube blogger. Personally, there are some bloggers that I can connect with and watch weekly as they post. Not once does it cross my mind that their content is fake however, after carefully reviewing there are many factors that lead to the legitimacy of each blogger. A lot of people will say anything or relay any message online if there is the possibility of gain in their career or making money. I agree with you, because I do not trust the media- which may not be fair to the YouTube subscribers whom which are real, however there is a lot of hoaxes and decoys that make me really doubt the legitimacy of posters hard to fathom at times.


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