Turning a blind eye to Flint, MI

The water crisis in Flint of course is horrifying. Residents were unaware of the issue, until they began experiencing the effects from the contaminated Flint River water. When they question their government, they covered up the issue and told the residents that the water was safe to use.  I can’t help but to wonder why the Flint water crisis is JUST being mentioned. Yes, we do have countries that have been effected by populated water supply in many countries in Africa and the Middle East and usually they are given some type of recognition over a short period of time, but with Flint it took years to be aware of the issue.

Timeline of Flint’s Water Crisis : http://michiganradio.org/post/timeline-heres-how-flint-water-crisis-unfolded#stream/0

I can’t help but question as to why Flint, MI is not represented just as other countries around the world suffering from contaminated water. Also, why is information being kept from Flint, MI?  For example, the documentary Roger & Me (1989) cannot be shown within the city of Flint even though it discusses major reasons as to the rise in unemployment of Flint residents. As of now, 10% of Flint residents are unemployed and is under an emergency manager.

Its about time for Flint residents to open their eyes and seek the truth.


-Carlos Zapata





One thought on “Turning a blind eye to Flint, MI

  1. I agree with your post and think you are right with saying that this issue should have been addressed a while ago. Everyone deserves clean water, especially people living in a country as advanced as the United States. This country keeps trying to become more and more advanced yet cannot manage to take care of something as simple of giving residents clean water.


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