Is There a Future For Print?

Growing up, I would spend my free time in my local Barnes and Noble, collecting books to add to ones I have yet to even open up yet. I still continue to do this activity today. I think our generation, as mentioned in class is the one that is one the brink between print and digital. For myself, I can’t read a book on a Kindle or Nook, or even buy an electronic textbook. I can’t bring myself to do it, I physically like holding the tangible item and creating my own personal attachment to it. Bookstores like Barnes & Noble and Border’s have existed for decades but with everything being transferred into a digital world what future do they have? Kids these days have everything on their Ipads, they don’t buy books, they SparkNote them.

According to a New York Times article, Barnes & Noble’s sales have declined for the fourth consecutive quarter. I have always found a personal connection to books, as some do with old records, CD’s, movies, VHS’s even. I don’t want to transform into the digital era of reading a book on a screen, that takes away the purpose of a book’s intentions. I like the feel of turning a page instead of clicking a button. I am on my computer and phone enough as it is, I don’t want to turn to it for reading which is a hobby of mine.

More than likely, in the future, these stores will slowly slim down. I know of only a several bookstores in my area, but I can name at least 10 Apple stores within a 50 mile radius to purchase an Ipad. When you walk into a Barnes & Noble the first thing you see is a set-up kiosk of the latest version of the Nook or Kindle. What happened to getting coffee and reading the newest book that has just been released? We need to toss our digital devices to the side and sit and flip through pages of information that we can retain. We need to read and not skim.

I have a collection of books and I hope to continue growing it because I will not transfer them into a digital copy, I will not purchase an e-book, or become part of a generation that reads online. I will read on line while I wait to purchase a book.


Amanda Cirocco

4 thoughts on “Is There a Future For Print?

  1. I think you made a credible point to say that you like the tangibility of books. Like you, I, and I’m absolutely sure there are many others, prefer to read books through a physical medium. It has nothing to do with the traditional norm that are physical books. I just think books are more convenient. For these reasons, I believe that physical books will be around for a lengthy time period, although they might not dominate digital books.

  2. Amanda,

    Personally, I love to read books through a physical medium, rather than reading books on a tablet or ereader. I can’t imagine books being gone in a while, so hopefully the future of print is still looking bright đŸ˜‰ I’d rather see newspaper go only digital rather than books.
    Also, spending some time in Barnes and Nobles, as you said, makes me so happy. Also record stores for music are things and social places I really really miss. In the Netherlands they’re going down, especially those record shops.

    Thank you for your blog!

  3. I’ve always been someone who loves to read books as a hard copy and not online. I like the feel of it in my hands, turning the pages and the fresh smell. I feel uncomfortable when having to read something online. I usually print out articles because I rather hold them in my hands instead of reading it online. It’s sad to see that everything is online these days, but I just say we have to keep moving forward. Although everything my becoming digital, we still have our B&N’s and other local bookstores. I don’t seem them going anywhere anytime too. I do think that we should embrace digital media still. Mainly because everything is online these days and reaches out to people quicker. I think there can be a balance between there digital world and the print world.

  4. Personally growing up I had the same outlook on the idea of digital vs. print books. Since growing up I was so accustomed to having the print book, it was very hard for me to transition over to digital copies of things, however after this year I have completely transferred to digital copies. For me digital copies make it easier for me to always have constant access, either from my laptop or ipad. Yes I do miss having physical copy at times but I have succumbed to the digital era and gone over to the dark side myself.

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