“Relationship 2.0”

It seems like there was a time in history not too long ago where romantic relationships took a turn, for the better or worse, depending on how you’re judging it, due to the internet. We now know that Web 2.0 surfaced during the late 90s to early 2000s.

Relationship 2.0 is a phrase I came up with after class when we spoke about YouTube channels and the communities they form. It is a term that I believe can be used to describe relationships that began after the introduction of social media, or after we as a generation became so heavily involved with it. We all began college roughly around 2012, and by this time Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram were already social media giants, so we I will use 2012 as a benchmark for Relationship 2.0. But what’s to say about relationships that began before the heavy use of social media? Are they stronger?

Our discussion about YouTube reminded me of one argument in particular I had with an ex boyfriend around 2011. After receive a new laptop for Christmas I began watching a lot of makeup videos on YouTube. It became part of my daily routine; I would binge watch beauty gurus channels until it was time for bed. I was a little obsessed. I was so caught up in YouTube land that my boyfriend at the time felt neglected. He brought to my attention that I spent more time watching YouTube video than I did with him… and so began the argument.

At the time I thought it was crazy to that the internet had consumed me so much that it sparked an argument in my relationship. But this comes at no surprise now. Social media has definitely changed relationships. It seems that now, for our generation at least, a relationship is not “official” until the couple posts a picture of each other to publicize it to their followers. Not only does making our relationship public on social media cause problems, but many couples battle issues of infidelity and insecurity because of social media. Some couples may even as if their parter is a completely different person on the web than they are with them.

And psychologists agree. Using a 2013 study Martin Graff found that Facebook use negatively effected the relationships of couples. Even hip-hop god Drake seems to agree when he mentions “f#$%  what they talkin’ about on your timeline. That’s cuttin’ all into my time with you” in his song Jungle off of his last album.

Your thoughts…

– Yanilis Checo


One thought on ““Relationship 2.0”

  1. As an avid beauty guru watcher myself, I see myself getting sucked into the world of YouTube, I can spend hours watching videos of other people’s lives that I forget to go out and live my own. I think that social media definitely affects relationships these days, but I also think that it says a lot about the people in the relationship. Being official on social media, says more about the person, that they want people to know- which is fine, but a lot of people need that out of security to feel better about themselves, and that something is “theirs” . Social media can cause a ton of fights in relationships because of the lack of communication between people, mis-read texts/tweets/posts… are examples.

    Amanda Cirocco

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