Boycott on Nina Simone Movie

Sarah Kelley


nina-simone-zoe-saldana (1)

Nina Simone was a famous singer from the 1950’s through the 70’s. She sang a mix of jazz, blues and folk music. She was a civil rights activist, she wrote songs promoting the Civil Rights Movement. Nina was a black woman who had to fight for what she wanted and believed in because of the color of her skin, nothing was going to be handed to her. The controversy that is happening today is about Zoe Saldana portraying Nina Simone in a biographical film. Fans are furious with this because they feel as though it is out of place with Nina Simone means in an African american historical context. It is debated that the role should have been given to a woman of a darker skin complexion and who could resemble Nina in some way, for example India Arie. Zoe Saldana has taken so much heat and pressure from critics and upset fans for the film maker’s actions. I believe that the producers should have considered Nina’s lifestyle and resembled it in every way possible to honor her for what she had fought her whole life for. Not mock her by having Zoe play her, just to blacken her skin and fatten her nose, when there are many black women who could have easily played her role. Television and movies are getting rid of black women and giving roles to those of the lighter skin complexion because to producers/film makers believe that those are the money makers, in this case it obviously backfired.



One thought on “Boycott on Nina Simone Movie

  1. This post is very interesting. I think it is true that when picking roles that producers focus on the faces that will be the “money maker” and will get most people to the theater. Also, this fits into what is happening today with all the sudden rise in race issues. It’s pinning one skin complexion against another which shouldn’t be the case. I think they should portray Nina the way she was which is a darker complexion African American woman instead of trying to please the audience. It’s not about what is most appealing it’s about history and making the film as close to history as possible.

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