Zika Outbreak

In the recent On The Media podcast most of its attention focused on the outbreak of Zika. Prior to this I had heard bits and pieces of this recent epidemic.

The infectious disease specialist noted that”we don’t know how long the virus remains in the semen.”

The direct line of evidence is the genetic signature that was detected and is infecting the fetus.

In order to create a strong background of this disease they would need:

long term case control studies,

a few thousand pregnant woman and this can take a few years

The specialist also noted that 70% that are infected are completely in symptomatic, so they have no idea that they have contracted the disease.

Listening to this podcast helped bring awareness to myself because I hadn’t known details of this disease. The fact a mosquito bite can be a detrimental death causing disease instills fears into anyone who has heard mixed information about this epidemic, not knowing facts about where it has originated. It’s scary how fast something can be spread and that thousands of people are suffering, and that there are thousand suffering who have no idea they have Zika.




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