Media frenzy and false information.

This is a bit of a rant so enjoy it while you can.

So, in the midst of a workout I recieved a call from my friend frantically telling me that the beloved star Big Ang of the hit series show Mob Wives has passed away. Interestingly enough, I didn’t believe it. Major entertainment networks broke the news and many fans (including myself) were in shock.

Big Ang or Angela Riola is battled stage 4 lung and brain cancer and has been in the midst of many headlines and has appeared on many daytime talk shows.

at 10:00PM today, a representative of Riola took to Twitter and explained that the information was false. The news was totally inaccurate and that all media outlets were reporting false information. According to her representative, she is resting in the hospital surronded by her loved ones

Interestly, I sit here and think of what we discussed in class about how media outlets create these  enticing stories for viewers to click on their page. Would having small bits of information be more harmful than having false information. I mean not to sound hopeless or pessimistic, but she is dealing with two forms of cancer and does have a very slim chance of hopefully making it (Not saying that I do not wish that she makes it through, but at this point, many fans are outraged by the false information, stating that this kind of false journalism should be illegal.

I’ll continue following the story and hope for Big Ang’s recovery


-Carlos Zapata



2 thoughts on “Media frenzy and false information.

  1. I feel like there are so many times when people create ‘news stories’ about certain celebs dying. It honestly starts to make it hard to believe when they actually do pass away. It makes it hard for fans and readers to trust what they are reading.

  2. If this is false information this is just another reason of why the media is not trustworthy and why America’s trust for the media has been declining year after year.

    r.i.p Big Ang

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