Photography Copyright

Recently in the Netherlands, a photographer named Vincent Mentzel brought up a case against a famous Dutch beer brewer, Jupiler, because the beer brand used his photo without his permission for a new ad.

Of course, if I would have been Vincent, or any photographer, I would not be happy with someone using my photo without my permission. However, if it would be a big company like Jupiler or Heineken, I might not bring this case to court.
I understand there are copyright restrictions, but if I were him, I would tell Jupiler to pay me an amount of money so they can use my photo. If Jupiler rejects, the photo has to be taken down and they need to find a different way to promote their beer.

The photograph by Mentzel has been photoshopped and spread throughout the Netherlands by Jupiler, without him knowing. When he found out – this was by the way the second time Jupiler has ‘messed’ with someone’s copyright – he immediately wanted to take this case to court. When you click on the following link, you can see the original and photoshopped photo:

Hopefully for Mentzel he can win this case against Jupiler. Hopefully for Jupiler, well, they can take a picture themselves and come up with a new ad.


3 thoughts on “Photography Copyright

  1. Such a common issue with photos being “stolen” and credit not being received. I think there needs to be stricter laws on the issue, it’s like someone plagiarizing an essay- people thoughts and photos deserve the right to be credited properly.

    Amanda Cirocco

    • To play devils advocate in this case, in regards to having laws in place with photos being stolen, don’t you think that was cause a lot of problems and be very tough to implement such strict laws into our society today.

  2. This has become so common these days. A lot of people think that it’s okay to use photos and other media for their own branding or projects. Just because it’s public and maybe has no name attached to it doesn’t make it okay for you to use it. I know whenever I have to upload content to for Manhattanville that whenever I use photos I need to go through a specific photo source and filter it by finding the photos that are allowed to be commercially used, not commercially used, etc. I hope one day people are smart enough to ask for permission and to learn how to properly use photography.

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