“No Pictures Please”

In this week’s podcast of On The Media one segment that I found to be intriguing was the issue photography in the Supreme Court. Prior to listening to this podcast I honestly was unaware of these rules. I found it shocking, actually that these laws have continued to be implemented when we live in such a digital age. However, I find the laws to have pros and cons. I think the right to have no photographs “during oral arguments and on decision days” helps to create the balance between privacy. I also think that in the future initiation will be taken by the media and photos will one day be a common occurrence.

Since the Supreme Court holds such elite value and authority it makes sense as to why there are no photographs allowed. It gives journalists the opportunity to paint a picture of the court room through their story and not one or two photographs to tell the case.

On the other hand, we have become the generation to skim and would rather have a story told to us through pictures which is why I am leading towards the future having photography available in the Supreme Court.


Amanda Cirocco


One thought on ““No Pictures Please”

  1. Amanda,

    I agree with you that photos in the court room should be allowed in the future. However, I also think that the drawings of suspects and victims in a court room are very unique and holds some sort of, as you said, elite authority.

    It is important to have privacy nowadays, whether you’re in a court room or not.

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