It seems like everything Kanye West touches turns to a frenzy so it comes as no surprise that the release of his most recent album shook the internet upside down. On Valentine’s Day Kanye released his album titled The Life of Pablo (TLOP) via his personal website (for $20), and on Tidal, a music subscription-based streaming service owned by rapper Jay Z.

Immediately after the drop of the album TLOP, Tidal, and Kanye related news flooded the internet. Apple Music subscribers took onto their social media accounts to express their concerns about not having access to the album. Kanye cleared the air for everyone by tweeting:

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 1.55.07 AM

As a result, Tidal became the #1 app in the app store. Moments after releasing the album Kanye removed it from the web. In this short amount of time pirates were able to formulate illegal back ends to the album. In the just the first day after its release TLOP was dowloaded 500,000 times… illegally; enough downloads to be considered “gold” by the Recording Industry Association of America . A final copy of the album is said to come in “several days” as told by Tidal. My prediction… there is a strategy in place to have the album released 30 days after it was released, coincidentally around the same time everyone’s Tidal subscriptions will expire; Kanyegoers will to be forced to pay their first months subscription if they want to listen in on the album.

This release is just another example of how exclusivity by artists with music streaming services can change the way we listen to music entirely.

– Yanilis Checo



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