Apple Music v. Tidal

Apple Music or Tidal? The way we listen to music is changing. We all remember the LimeWire days were you hoped and prayed that the version of the song you had just downloaded A. didn’t contain a virus or B. wasn’t Bill Clinton voice. Today, whether we illegally download our music or not, it is hard to ignore music services like Apple Music, and Tidal who offer massive music libraries but at a cost.

These companies have entirely changed the way we listen to music.

In June of 2015 Apple launched their subscription based streaming service, Apple Music offering 30 million tracks and unique features like “Connect” which allows artists a two way street to communicated exclusive content with fans. So far Apple Music is only available on Apple devices for $9.99/month (there is speculation that the service will join other cellphone brands). Apple makes easy to keep your music library with you at all times, as it can be synched to your theory devices using the serve. And if you wanted to add multiple lines you can, a family subscription goes for $15/month.

Tidal was launched in March of 2015 and has been getting a lot of publicity as of lately for its recent deals. When Kanye West dropped his TLOP album he did it exclusively through Jay Z’s service causing the app to be #1 in the world! Tidal is partly unique in that it offers a  high-fidelity sound subscription which gives listeners the opportunity to hear their favorite songs in a way they never have before by using Free Lossless Audio Codec. This service costs $19.99 a month (regular subscription is $9.99/month). In an interview with Fader Magazine Jay Z explains how Tidal is designed to benefit the artist. He even mentions that the “downfall of the recorded music industry, is that free consumption. Music is not free, fundamentally” that is why he believes to dearly in the royalties charged for the streaming service. Recent news says that Jay Z is looking to sell Tidal, and one of the most interested companies is Samsung.

Apple Music, and Tidal, along with my other streaming services are all competing to lock in subscribers and it seems as if the only way to do so is by contracting big time artist. Having an artist work exclusively will your brand will force fans to have to subscribe at a cost to listen to the content. This will surely make for some interesting commotion but what will it men for use the consumer? Will we have to pay for multiple services or will there ever be just one music streaming service? Free or not?

– Yanilis Checo

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