Trump Support

Who are Trump’s supporters? That’s what I’m asking myself to, just like many others.

For Trump, as discussed in this week’s on the media podcast, he relies on ‘white people in the working class’.

What Trump says is, to me, just insane. Most of the time I feel like he does not even know what he’s talking about. His criticism about some issues and making America great again is only what he talks about. What are the economic realities? Where do we see support for Trump and where do we not? Do people understand what he really wants to accomplish as a President?

The violence and attacks occurred at Trump’s rallies must be a sign that this complicated fast moving situation has to be stopped. Looking at this as an outsider (aka non-American), I could not possibly imagine why you would vote for Trump. People in the Netherlands call him the American Hitler.
Violence against a black man at some of his rallies and promoting that to keep doing it?

Absolutely insane.

Bregje Smits

2 thoughts on “Trump Support

  1. It bewilders me that Trump has made it this far and I often ask myself why? People want change and something different however, Donald Trump is not the answer. Trump can barely get through a debate because he has no legitimate experience that helps him answer questions, he just looks to all of his advisers. He has no real people skills and to be honest I could rant about him all day but its a waste of breath. I completely agree with your post.

  2. Trump may say bazaar things, but I will admit the man knows how to take advantage of the media. Otherwise, he doesn’t have any experience or hasn’t spoken out much about serious issues to be involved in this run as President.

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