Inside the Black Mirror-The beginning of Web 3.0

As most of you know me and Prof. Proctor fangirl over this show called Black Mirror (which I highly suggest, if you need a short show to watch on Netflix).It is a satire on themes within our society especially about our new technologies. Every episode is a different story. From a woman being chased by masked hunters while civilians record her for humor to use of dead person’s social media status updates to recreate a clone of them. The one thing I noticed about each episode is that the online interaction has reached transcends an unfathomable levels.  And it makes me wonder is this really the future of our technology and social media. Are we now shifting from interactive to “reality-active”? It seems that Web 3.0 will be a even larger consumption of our different forms of media and technology and definitely transform our ways of producing information online.

One episode that I’ve been fascinated with is one about memories. Memories are recorded through a chip and can be played at any time on any screen. So with these new technology, a husband and wife go through problems because of the wife’s previous infidelities. It also makes me for the lack of better phrase “have no privacy whatsoever”, we would truly be living in a open source culture.

Maybe, Web 3.0 won’t be what Steve Jobs and other technology companies wanted?

2 thoughts on “Inside the Black Mirror-The beginning of Web 3.0

  1. Because of your post I really want to start watching this. Could be very interesting! The memories being recorded on a chip seems really freaky, but I guess with the new technology these days it wouldn’t even surprise me.

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