Kodi and the Amazon Fire Stick

Amazon has most recently come out with a firestick which gives you access to basic subscription based apps such as Netflix, Pandora, Hulu, etc. These apps you need to usually pay for or you experience limitations and modifications. The amazon firestick now has a cable option which can stream live t.v and Amazon is constantly and improving their firestick.

Now most have heard of that, however have you head of the app Kodi?

Kodi is an open source home theater system, which means basically you have access to any T.V show and movie every created. You can go through this App type in Friends and you instantly have access to every season and episode ever created. Also they stream live television channels. So basically you no longer theoretically need cable or Netflix.

And the kicker is this app is completely free…. Personally I know 10 people who have given up their cable subscriptions for this free app. Some of the downsides are their is constant updates and its only available for non-apple products but besides for that their isn’t many catches.

So what is the future for cable? With this emergence of technology I predict that cable subscriptions will dwindle in the next 10 years as apps like are becoming more public and no longer just limited to computer access. People now aren’t limited to stream unlimited illegal movies and t.v just to the computer its coming to big screens everywhere. Who would have ever imagined that cable might be on a downswing?

Alyson Chase

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