Tina Fey Tangos?


In this week’s podcast of On The Media there was a segment about the new movie, “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot”.  The movie is based off of journalist Kim Barker who Tina Fey portrays. The podcast interviewed Barker about her experience being a journalist.

She stated there are differences between covering a war and a local zoning board, “there is similar skills, you have to gather info and write, but in a conflict zone you have a team of people you can trust- ‘fixers’ set up interviews that you are safe, its a symbiotic relationship”.

I recently saw the trailer for the movie but I’m apprehensive about going to the cinema. I see Fey as such a comedic actor and I’m curios how they are going to turn a war movie into a comedy genre. What do you guys think? Have you heard about the movie and are you planning on going to see it?

3 thoughts on “Tina Fey Tangos?

  1. I feel that when you put “comedy” and “war” in the same genre category its not going to turn out well, i am a tina fey fan as well but i feel that there are some actors and actresses that only can play certain and specific role, and for tina fey “war” is not one of them.

  2. I had the same feeling. Listening to the podcast and then watching the trailer of the movie changed my mind. I agree, I see Tina Fey as a funny actress, not so much as an actress that plays a big role in a movie that focuses on war.

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