The Masters.

This will be my first blog that has absolutely nothing to do with readings, on the media, or my semester project, as well as nothing to do with the class. Today and the next 3 days are very special to me, every year a prestigious tournament is held in Augusta Georgia and its called “The Masters”. For those you don’t know what that is, it’s a really boring 4 day long golf tournament… That was sarcasm. It’s awesome. I have been live streaming this tournament all day and getting updates, and definitely haven’t been streaming it on my computer in all my classes…………. The reason why this is such a special 4 days for me is that Golf has played a really big part in my life and I have learned that at a early age, and I feel that my father played a big role in that. At the age of 13 my Father thought I was mature enough and big enough to play the “sophisticated” game, he was completely wrong, I was a stubborn 13 year old and thought I was the best at anything. But I feel that played a crucial role into who I become as I grew older, my father kept taking me to the course even though I didn’t make huge progress to the game, I feel that I kept progressing as a person and was learning new things, and life lessons. As I got to be 17 and 18 I started playing on a weekly basis in the spring summer and fall and finally I wasn’t shooting in the 90s and 100s (which is bad) I was shooting in the low 80s and high 70s (which is decent). Around that time as well I really began to appreciate the game for what is and what it can be and how it can be applied to the real would, and how important it is to have a good sense of edict on and off the course. What I am trying to say in this whole thing… is that golf has really shaped how I am as a person, and it has played a huge role in my life to bonding with my father to the boys having non-alcoholic beverages because I am not 21… also sarcasm.

Joe Bettini

3 thoughts on “The Masters.

  1. Love it, Joe! The Masters are great, also remind me of my father. I was actually thinking of joining the Golf team here at Mville. Why wouldn’t you? Seems like you really enjoy playing golf 🙂

  2. Very interesting Blog post- i work at a place with a great golf course, so i see that people really love it and how it impacts lives drastically.

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