Tackling my fear a.k.a my semester project.

So, me and Shanice have decided to team up on our semester project. For our semester project we have decided to discuss youtube stars and the ways they use Youtube to market themselves and other companies as well. So we’ve wanted to make a Manhattanville mircocelebrity-inspired mini series which we both talked about today and I hope it’ll be really cool.

So as fun as this project sounds, I actually have a fear of being in front of a camera or performing in general. Yeah I know that I have a lively personality and whatnot and its almost relates to what I talked in my critical presentation. I’ve always hated being filmed for the simple fact that videos stay online forever, just like most of our statuses, images, or other content that we create.

I’ve always had a fear of being within recorded, especially because I grew up in an environment where people would get into fights or whatsoever and have someone record them and put it on Facebook, Twitter and Worldstarhiphop, so to avoid all that I avoided many situations that involved any form of conflict just to not have my face in any form of recording. My fear is almost to the point where if a camera is present for surveillance or person reasons, I refuse to look directly at the camera.

This will actually be the first time I actually record myself producing content for Youtube and since these mini series are obviously going to be a parody I have mixed feelings over tackling my fear of being on camera. Maybe its because I dont like mircocelebrities and don’t want to be known as a person who got famous for being extra funny or doing a “fail” .

But grades come before fears (I guess…..)


-Carlos Zapata

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