That Awesome Update on my Research Paper and Semester Project

My research paper is still in the process of being written. I am three pages, two quotes and two sources into it and I have a steady outline to follow. My plan is to write about how activist groups use social media to spread their point of view and message. I will be doing this by first defining social media and what building blocks are necessary to be successful on social media platforms. Then I will give numerous examples about cyberactivism and end my research paper with how to become a citizen journalist.

My semester project has changed a couple times and I think I am going with a blog on photography. This semester I am taking History of Photography (and I highly recommend it), but for my mock art exhibit I have to put together a collection of photos with a common theme. The theme I chose was candid photos of my friends. After I put together the mock art exhibit I am planning to take the same photos and make an online gallery (via blog) to show them to the class and other friends.

I would also like to continue this blog after the semester ends because I am beginning to get an interest for photography and it would be nice to display my photos online. I would have different sections based on the theme or style used for each collection of photographs.


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